High Level Conference "Tolerance trumps Hate"

Following the recent terrorist attacks in Brussels, Paris and Copenhagen, youth activists from across the continent will join high-level representatives from the 47 Council of Europe member states in Brussels on 8 May to discuss how best to tackle intolerance and hate speech whilst protecting human rights and democracy. 

Mister Deputy Prime Minister, honourable High Level Representatives, Ladies and Gentlemen!
On behalf of the Hungarian Government let me first express my gratitude to the Belgian Chairmanship for the organisation of this Conference. I feel honoured to participate in this constructive discussion.
The Government of Hungary agrees with the aims of the Conference and supports the fight against hate speech and hate crimes by all possible means. It shares the view that the strengthening of human rights, democracy and the rule of law provides the best result in the fight against hatred.
Four years ago the National Assembly of Hungary decided to lay the Hungarian State on new legal grounds. The Fundamental Law of Hungary is an important milestone in the fight against hate speech and hate crimes. 
My aim here today is firstly to give you an outline of the answers provided by the Hungarian legislation to racism, anti-Semitism, homophobia and other hate-crimes. Secondly, I would like to present – and promote – to you the Hungarian solution to the fight against hate speech:  the so-called „protection of communities’ dignity”.
The Fundamental Law of Hungary states: „Hungary recognises people’s fundamental individual and collective rights. (…)  Human dignity is inviolable. Every human being has the right to life and human dignity (...) Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. (…)  The right to freedom of expression may not be exercised with the aim of violating the human dignity of others. The right to freedom of expression may not be exercised with the aim of violating the dignity of the Hungarian nation or of any national, ethnic, racial or religious community. Persons belonging to such communities shall be entitled to enforce their claims in court against the expression of an opinion which violates the community, invoking the violation of their human dignity, in line with relevant legislation”- end of citation.
Fight against hate speech is also addressed by the new Criminal Code, bringing further conducts under its scope. The specific hate crime offences are the following:
- violence against a member of a community,
- incitement against a community,
- public denial of crimes committed by the National Socialist and Communist regimes,
- use of totalitarian symbols.
As regards the crimes of violence against a member of the community and incitement against a community, the new Criminal Code protects not only the members of national, ethnic, racial or religious groups, it also provides protection against violence and incitement due to sexual orientation, sexual identity or disability.
Ladies and Gentlemen!
I hope that I was able to provide sufficient information regarding the solutions  offered  by the Hungarian legislation against hate crimes. As stipulated by our Fundamental Law, and let me close my speech with that, „We hold that individual freedom can only be complete in cooperation with others.”
Thank you for your attention.

Council of Europe / Répássy Róbert